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Episode 11: Truly Useful Korean Phrases

안녕 친구들~! 마가리타입니당!

Sorry for not uploading this video yesterday but I started working part time recently in addition to studying in university so gaaah I barely have any free time :/

As for what we'll be discussing in the video, 'useful phrases' is a very extensive concept because some phrases that may seem useful to one person will be useless for another. Also I don't count phrases like 'Hello', 'Goodbye' or 'My name is' as useful. They are basic but not useful. To me, useful means phrases that will help you survive and if you're not as dramatic as I am then these phrases will help you feel comfortable in Korea. So this week I decided to pick 8 truly useful phrases that will, hopefully, make your visit to Korea smooth and breezy :)


1. 저는 한국말 잘 못해요- I don't speak Korean that well.

저는- I with a subject marking particle 는

한국말- Korean language

못 해요 (못 하다)- to not be able to do (can't do)

잘- well

2. 영어 하세요?- Do you speak English?

영어- English language

하세요 (하다)- to do in a polite way

3. 천천히 말씀해 주세요- Can you please speak slower?


말씀해 (말씀하다)- speak (to speak in a polite way)

주세요- Please

4. 다시 한번 말씀해 주세요- Can you please repeat one more time?

다시- again

한번- one time

5. 모루겠어요- I do not understand.

6. 그것 한국말로 뭐라고 해요?- How do you say this in Korean?

그것- this thing

한국말로- Korean language plus a particle 로

뭐라고 해요- how to say

7.적어 주세요- Please write it down.

적어 (적다)- to write

8. 도와주세요!- HELP PLEASE! :D

Please please please never hesitate to talk to native speakers regardless of how comfortable you are with the language. You are so much better than you think, trust me! Don't think it's embarrassing to make mistakes because it ISN'T! It's so impressive when a foreigner is willing to learn a new language and communicate to native speakers. Don't set very high standard for yourself because this is not your native language and you are not meant to be perfectly fluent in it. Just a mere fact of learning it separates you from so many people that aren't. So have faith in yourself and SPEAK! :D

Let me know if you have any questions! :)

Much love,


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