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Hi lovelies!

I'm honestly afraid to admit how long it's been since I've written a blog post on here **shame on me** so I'm super stoked to get back into it.

Today we'll be going over the rap part in Twice's latest single More & More to see how much useful Korean grammar and vocab we can pick up from there, so let's get right into it!

Here are the lyrics we'll be breaking down:

난 원래 욕심쟁이 몰랐다면 미안 사과는 미리 할게 Cuz I want you more more 의견은 필요 없어 훔칠 거야 네 맘 내게 홀리게 될걸 You can’t say no no 난 도둑고양이 오늘만은 널 꼭 잡으러 왔으니까 딱 기다려 너 멀리 가지 말고 다시 내게 Come come Yeah 한 번 더

First, just read these lyrics to yourself (preferably out loud, so you can work on your pronunciation), then see how much you can understand without scrolling down to the explanations. How much did you comprehend? 20%? 50%? However much it is, keep reading Korean texts and track your progress, because that's what matters most :)

난 원래 욕심쟁이 몰랐다면 미안 - I am naturally greedy, I'm sorry if you didn't know

난 = 나 which means I + 는 which is a subject marking particle

원래 - naturally, originally, by nature

욕심쟁이 - greedy or selfish person (욕심- greed)

몰랐다 - to not know (in past tense), which comes from the verb 모르다 - to not know

~면 - a particle that has a meaning of 'if' and when added to a verb makes it conditional that something else will happen if this verb will happen

미안하다- to be sorry

사과는 미리 할게 - I will apologies in advance

사과 - apology

미리 - in advance, ahead of time

할게 is a future tense conjugation of the verb 하다 - to do

의견은 필요 없어 훔칠 거야 네 맘 - I don't need your opinion, I will steal your heart

의견 - opinion

필요하다 - to need

없다 - to not have

훔치다 - to steal

~ㄹ거야 - in this case this indicates future tense and an intention to do whatever verb it's connected to

네 = 너의 - your

맘 - heart

내게 홀리게 될걸 - You will be possessed by me

내게 - me

홀리다 - to be possessed

될걸 = 될 것을 = 되다 + ㄹ것을

되다 - to become

난 도둑고양이 오늘만은 널 - I am a stray cat just for today and

난 = 나 which means I + 는 which is a subject marking particle

도둑고양 = 도둑 - thief and 고양- cat = stray cat

오늘- today

~만 - a particle that has a meaning of 'only'

널 = 너 which mean You + 를 which is an object marking particle

꼭 잡으러 왔으니까 딱 기다려 너 - I have come to catch you so just you wait

꼭 - for sure, absolutely, precisely, by all means

잡다 - to hold, to grab, to seize, to catch

~으러 - by the means of

왔다 - to come (in past tense), which comes from the verb 오다 - to come

~니까 - because

딱 - precisely, absolutely

기다리다 - to wait

너 - you

멀리 가지 말고 다시 내게 Come - Don't go far, come to me again

멀리 - far

가다 - to go

~지 말고 - to tell someone not to do something

다시 - again

내게 - to me

한 번 더 - one more time

한 - one

번 - time

더 - more

There you have it, a breakdown of Dahyun's and Chaeyoung's rap parts from TWICE's latest single More & More! Hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions, let me know!

If you want to learn some more Korean from this song, check out a YouTube video I made breaking down the first verse and chorus as well as my IGTV where I went over the second verse and pre chorus, practically covering the entire song for you guys :)

Much love,


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