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Hello and welcome to our Korean learning space where anyone, regardless of level or ability, can join and have fun! Here you can find videos about Korean grammar, useful vocabulary, conjugation explanations, pronunciation tips and much more! I'm in no way fluent in Korean and am learning alongside you all so let's take this exciting journey together and help each other get better! 

As a part of my second year university project I have to organize an event with a theme of my choosing. Pretty sure the name of the event gives away the theme I chose to go with :) I am proud to present to you all an evening of Korean culture, YouTube, musical performances, fun challenges, prizes and more! Here you can find all the information about the event and make sure to head over to the Facebook event and click that you're attending ;) 

Are you a vivid K-POP fan? So am I and I enjoy expressing my love for K-POP through singing! Here I keep my collection of K-covers I've recorded overthe past few years. I love the challenge of learning and then performing songs in a foreign language, It's so thrilling! Hope you enjoy what you'll discover here :) 

For those who may not know, I currently reside in a beautiful city of London, UK. I moved to attend university and I've been living here for over a year now. Here I document my journey around this incredible city from the moment I found out I will be moving till all the future adventures I will have here. Want to follow me around as I explore my way around London? You've come to the right place! 

English Covers

Want to know a fun fact? English is actually not my native tongue and even though I'm fluent I learned it relatively not too long ago. I remember one thing, which helped me immensely to learn English was my passion for singing and learning lyrics to English songs. Here you can find a small collection of my covers in English. Let me know if you have any suggestions for what songs I should do next! :)

Treasure Chest of Randomness!

Congratulations on getting this far brave soul! You shall be rewarded with this treasure chest of randomness. Here you can find all my videos that didn't fit into any particular category but are still fun and entertaining to watch! These videos range from hauls, trip vlogs, inspirational videos, side shave updates, etc. Hope you enjoy!

Russian Covers

Здраствуйте дорогие Русско говорящие друзья! Хоть я и Русская, простите меня что видео на Русском на моём канале мало. Поверте, у меня есть на это причины и я очень надеюсь что в будущем смогу снимать гораздо больше видео для моей русской аудитории. Так вот, здесь вы можете найти песенки на Русском языке в моём иссполнении. Надеюсь вам понравится!


You guys probably can't imagine the amount of questions I receive daily on social media. As much as I'd love to answer each and every question directly (I swear, I wish there were a few extra hours in a day) I physically don't have that capability. That's why I decided to make Q&A videos where I gather all your questions that have a certain uniting theme and answer them that way. Let me know what other Q&As you'd like me to do :)

Japanese Covers

Fun fact: my original fascination with Asian cultures started from Japan. I was obsessed with manga and anime since I was 9! Over the years my obsession transformed into curiousity and I began learning Japanese. Even though my Japanese level is nowhere near my Korean but I still love singing Japanese songs, especially soundtracks to my favorite dramas and anime. So if you're a fan of Japanese manga/anime/dramas/language, head over here and let me know what your favorite anima/drama soundtrack is! :) 

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