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HiNative: Global Q&A Language Exchange App Review!


This week I decided to review a very useful app, which can help you get comfortable with not only Korean but many other languages! This app is called HiNative and it is a global Q&A language exchange service available in over 120 languages!

Overall I was very satisfied with this app and I'm quite certain I'll be using it in the future when it comes to deciphering slang words or obscure phrases.

*Apparently the ticket feature is only available for those who purchase the premium version. Just found that out so thought I should share :)

Download and check out HiNative for yourself!!

P. S. Sorry for not uploading a cover this Monday! Those of you who watch Eurovision, please anticipate a few Eurovision covers coming your way in the upcoming weeks. I’ve been listening to some of my favourite Eurovision songs and I didn’t manage to learn them in time for this Monday, sowwy ^^

This is a sponsored video, but all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own :)

Much love,


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