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Episode 15: HelloTalk Review

안녕하세요 여러분!! 마가리타입니당~!

It feels so nice to be making videos again. I know I've been gone for only a few weeks but it really felt like a lifetime has passed. I missed you guys ㅠ_ㅠ

As for the app that I'm reviewing this week, it's called HelloTalk and it's a language exchange app that matches you up with native speakers of the language you want to learn and enables you to chat with them and improve your skills! How awesome is that?

As awesome as it is, I did find a few minor issues with the app because, well, it's hard to find any app that's absolutely perfect and that caters to everyone's needs.

Firstly, I encountered a small hiccup at the registration when I had to input my 'nationality' and 'native language' and if I picked my real nationality, which is Russian, my native language would automatically get assigned to Russian and I didn't want that. I wanted to have English as the language that I'll be exchanging. I feel like other people with multiple nationalities and knowledge of multiple languages will also encounter such problems so I would suggest developers of the app to look into that.

Also I had the common fear of this being just another dating app or a good app that's being used for wrong purposes. As much as I really appreciated the pop up warnings about how one should not use the app I still feel that there will never be a way to check every single individual. I do like the option of being found only by the same gender learners because, being in a relationship, I have certain thoughts and beliefs about how a person should act and who they should talk to so yea that's just my little thing :)

Otherwise I don't think there was anything majorly wrong or alarming about the app. It's available both in App Store and the Google Play store so make sure to check it out!

What were your experiences with HelloTalk?

Much love,


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