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Episode 27: ~(으)러 가다/오다 Explained!


This week's video is nice and short but I decided to add something new to it, which hopefully I will be able to continue doing if you guys like it. If you haven't watched the whole video yet, do that. Do that now and you'll know what I'm talking about.

The overall concept of ~(으)러 가다/오다 is not essential to learning Korean. You'll be able to form perfectly fine sentences and communicate effectively without it. However, it does raise the level of you Korean and makes it more natural. So I thought I'll throw this concept in, just for fun :)

~(으)러 가다/오다 means 'going and coming to do...'

먹으러 가다- to go to eat

마시러 가다- to go to drink

구경하러 오다- to come to sight-see

가르치러 오다- to come to teach

Example sentences:

매주 토요일에 아침 일찍 스키를 타고 가요- Every Saturday early in the morning I go (to go) skiing

고등학교를 졸업하면 유럽으로 공부하러 가고 싶어요- When I graduate high school I want to go to study in Europe

3 일 후에 영국에서 친구가 놀라 와요- 3 days from now my friend is coming from England to hang out


A: 오늘 수업 후에 우리 집에 놀라 오세요.

B: 수업 후에는 다른 미팅이 있어서 못 가요.

A: 그럼 미팅 후 치킨과 맥주를 먹으러 갈까요?

B: 좋아요! 이따가 연락할게요.

If you want to practice your reading comprehension leave a comment with a translated version of this dialogue and I'll make sure to check it and give you feedback :)

Let me know if you like the addition of a dialogue as a reading comprehension through this blog post and as a listening comprehension through the video. You guys like it, I'll make this a habit ^^

Enjoy your learning!

Much love,


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