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Episode 18: Textbook Review

안녕하세요!! 마가리타입니당!!

I've mentioned in my previous videos that I am in no way a textbook learning person and I find books very intimidating. However, I've gotten many requests to review Korean textbooks that I've used along my Korean learning journey. So here is a list of book I've mentioned in the video and links to where you can purchase them!

1. Read & Speak Korean For Beginners

- For complete beginners

- Pushes you to learn Hangul straight away

- Uses romanisation as a transcription but still has all the sentences in Hangul

- Organised into topics (clear and neat)

- Very interactive with games and cutouts

- Comes with a CD

- For comfortable beginners

- Each chapter has 2-3 conversations completely in Korean

- Has a 'culture' section *thumbs up*


- Comes with a CD

- Well organised and clear

- CON: No answer key anywhere :(

- Variety of exercises that target listening, reading, writing, and comprehending Korea

Free PDF available on the website!

- Written by Koreans and foreigners together

- Explanations are tailored for English-speakers' way of thinking

- Clear introduction to Hangul

- Very creative

- Humorous at times, which is refreshing

- Emphasis on pattern learning

- A workbook and a textbook together

Free PDF available on the website!

In the video I mentioned that I will be collaborating with Korean From Zero form now on and I hope you guys are not offended or upset with me. I did sell out to anyone. I'm still very objective about their resources and just because we'll be making videos together doesn't mean that your needs, as my audience, are not important to me anymore. The reason why I started our Weekly Korean videos was because I wanted to help all of you get a little bit inspired to learn the language we're all so passionate about! You, my audience, will always be at the top of my priority list when it comes to what content I put on YouTube. I will never lie to you just because I'm collaborating with someone. Just thought I should put this out there :)

Let me know if you have any questions or if there are any other textbooks you'd like me to review!

Much love,


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