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Episode 17: Valentine's Special

안녕 친구들~! 마가리타입니당!


Whether you're doing something special with someone special, spending a quite day in with your family, going out with your friends, or doing something cool on your own, I hope you all have the most wonderful Valentine's this year!!

Sorry for uploading this video a few days late! Preparations for my event are going full speed and I seriously have no time to even have a proper meal :/ so I'm doing everything on the go and uploading a video that way takes ages. Sowwyyyy~


Valentine's day in Korea may look a little different to what foreigners are used to. In the West, it is perfectly fine to wish each other happy Valentine's day, but in Korea it sounds awkward and not many people do that. 헤피 발렌타인 데이! is mostly used in commercials and advertisements in shops and on TV.

Interestingly, women are the ones who are expected to give and even make chocolate for their partner. Those of you who may find that unfair will be happy to hear that Korea also has a White Day (화이트 데이) on March 14th where women get all the love and affection in return. In no way am I implying that couples should give each other presents expecting to get something back! Presents should be given with a genuine thought of wanting to make your special one happy!


한테/에게 (To) vs 한테서/에게서 (From)

1. 나의 남자친구한테서 장미를 받았어요- I received (got) a rose from my boyfriend.

나의- my/mine

남자친구- boyfriend

장미- rose

받았어요- (받다) to receive/get

2. 나의 남자친구에게서 초콜릿을 주지 않을 거예요- I will not give my boyfriend chocolate. ㅋㅋㅋ (hahaha)

초콜릿- chocolate

주지 않을 거예요- (주다) will not give (future tense + negative)

3. 닭살 커플- "goose bump couple" (lit.) very affectionate/PDA couple


[DISCLAIMER!] not EVERY Korean couple is the same but on average these things tend to apply to a lot of them. This is not meant to disrespect or insult anyone's culture.

Korean couples love to show that they are dating. From matching clothing to specific couple smartphone apps, Koreans can sometimes take their affection to a whole new level. Interestingly, this couple behaviour grew out of Korea's strict views on public display of affection in the 90s. It used to be and, in some places, still is frowned upon if couples show too much affection for each other in public. Therefore, matching clothing is a way for couples to broadcast to the world that they are an item and are off the market, without having to go all PDA on each other.

As for the app that I mentioned above, it's called 비투윈 (Between) and it's specifically designed for couples! According to their website, this app is meant to give you and your partner a private online space. As much as that feature is questionable to me because if I want to chat to my boyfriend I can just go on whatsapp and there you go, we have our private space where no one else has access to, I understand why some couples might like to use it. this app provides pretty cool other features like reminds you of anniversaries and special days that you input in the app.

What do you guys think about these trends? Yay or Nay?

Let me know, I don' bite :)

Much love,


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