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Do any of you know how to play traditional Korean games? We personally gained all our knowledge of ddakji from watching 'Running Man' ;) Whether you know how to play traditional Korean games or not, we promise this workshop will turn you into a complete fan of them!


However, if you came to this workshop to learn Korea, do not worry, we will do plenty of that as well. We will not only look at the history and rules of the games but we will also be learning useful Korean expressions and grammar that comes with traditional Korean games! It's like killing two rabbits wiht one sonte (except we are highly against killing cute little rabbits)


If you haven't been sold on this workshop yet, the interactive part of this workshop will include play traditional Korean games against Margarita and the Korean From Zero crew!



Workshop #5: Let's play Korean games!

£12 Regular Price
£10Sale Price
  • Date: 3rd of March, 2017

    Time: 5pm-7pm (17:00-19:00)

    Location: City, Univesity of London (Main College Building)

    Northampton Square, EC1V 0HB


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    If the event is rescheduled to another date, your tickets are still valid. If you can't make the rescheduled date, you are entitled to a full refund. 


    If you would like your tickets to be refunded please email


    Please understand that there will be no other instances where you will be eligible for a refund apart from those mentioned above. 

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