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Episode 22: -에 and -에서 Explained!

Good morning lovelies!

For some of you this topic may seem a little too easy but I always like to go back to the basics and make sure I understand why things are the way they are so today I decided to focus on our favourite topic and that is PARTICLES! Obviously we're not going to talk about all the particle cause that would take ages. Today let's just focus on 에 and 에서!

-에 as Time marking particle:

일곱시에 일어났어요- I woke up at seven o'clock

친구가 금요일에 왔어요- My friend came over on Friday

화요일에 갔어요- I went on Tuesday

몇시에 만날까요?- When should we meet?

-에 as Location marking particle:

It can indicate whether something exists at a location or the direction in which you or anything else is moving.

집에 있어요- I am home

집에 갔어요- I went home

아버지는 서울에 갔어요- Father went to Seoul

개가 여기에 왔어요- The dog came here

-에 can appear more than once in a single sentence:

남동생이 토요일에 집에 왔어요- Younger brother came home on Saturday

목요일에 여동생의 집에 갔어요- On Monday I went to my younger sister's house

-에서 as Location marking particle:

It can also be used to mark location but in a slightly different way. -에서 indicates the location where a certain action or event is taking place as well as illustrates where is something or someone coming from.

집에서 일해요- I work at home

학교에서 공부해요- I study at school

방금 공원에서 이효리 봤어요- I just saw Lee Hyori at the park

체육관에서 운동해요- I exercise at the gym

미국에서 책상을 샀어요- I bought a desk in America

어디에서 왔어요?- Where did you come from?

Another use of -에서:

Whenever you are talking about something "the most" out of something, you should use -에서.

세상에서 제일 좋아하는 나라는 어디에요?- What is your most favourite country in the world?

영국에서 제일 우명한 사람은 누구에요?- Who is the most famous person in the UK?

제 방은 집에서 제일 조용한 방이에요- My room is the quietest room in the whole house.

I feel like recently I am forced to constantly remind people that I DO NOT claim to be a native speaker and that I'm not trying to sound like a know-it-all. I'm simply a fellow learner who hopes to make the learning process easier for anyone who is studying Korean as well. I find it fun to research topics and share what I've learned or share new ways I figured something out in hopes that this knowledge can potentially help someone else. I admit, 99% of those who watch and interact with my videos are incredibly supportive and I am forever grateful to you all for that and what I'm about to write is not directed at you. The 1% who decides to judge another person without knowing anything about them, feel free to judge, but just do your research better before you spew hate :)

Much love,


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