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Episode 13: Past Tense Conjugation

학생들 안녕~! 마가리타입니당!

So last week we focused on present tense conjugation, which gave us a good foundation to continue learning different kinds of conjugations. Which is exactly what we're going to be doing today! We'll be looking at past tense conjugation and realising how easy and straight forward it is as long as we have the knowledge of present tense conjugation :)


Past tense conjugation endings:




From now on the same rules as in present tense conjugation apply so things become quick and simple.

살다 -- 살아요 -- 살았어요 (to live, live, lived)

오다 -- 와요 -- 왔어요 (to come, come, came)

보다 -- 봐요 -- 봤어요 (to see, see, saw)

가다 -- 가요 -- 갔어요 (to go, go, went)

행복하다 -- 행복해요 -- 행복했어요 (to be happy, happy, was happy)

좋아하다 -- 좋아해요 -- 좋아했어요 (to like, like, liked)

있다 -- 있어요 -- 있었어요 ( to be, am/is/are, was/were)

That's pretty much it guys. How easy was that? :)

Here are a few sentence examples in past tense:

지난 주말에 뭐 했어요?- What did you do last weekend?

나는 백화점에서 좋은 옷을 샀어요 - I bought nice clothes at the mall.

어제 가족들하고 같이 저녁을 먹었어요.- Yesterday my family ate dinner all together.

If you have any questions let me know!

Much love,


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